Aug 312013

So, since I have been absent for a while, lets see what new and amazing things I have been stuffing my face with lately! Well, not so many new things, as many others I get stuck in my ways and there are certain things I like to eat and therefor keep eating over and over again.
But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating the same dishes all the time, as long as they are nutritious and make you full and happy, it’s all good! :)

So lets have a look then….


Scrambled eggs with avocado. Cream and butter in the scramble, of course.


Shopping at Lidl. I try to buy only the fresh stuff. But there were some small snack sausages that came home with me as well. And some nectarines, that I use for salads, with a lot of protein and fat not to get such a sugar buzz. Fruit is only sugar after all.



A roast chicken going into the oven. Lemon, garlic, onion and rosemary. And salt, pepper and olive oil of course. Gonna make a salad out of it now, smells delish! :)


Lunch at home. Two burgers (not homemade this time unfortunately, time had to be prioritized over health), with lots of cheese, a mayo based dressing and some veggies.


A plate pizza. Best thing ever! Tomato paste, ham and cheese, and some herbs. Into the oven, or microwave, and then enjoy a crustless pizza! Completely guilt free!


Thai chicken salad at home. Exactly the same recipe as this one, but with chicken instead. Love it!




Fajitas without the tortillas in Tex Mex, The Strand. (too lazy to turn pic around). Very tasty tho, extremely filling.


Blueberries and fresh cream for a snack. Yum!


Breakfast in the office. Baby bels, ham and tomatoes. Works for me!


Two burgers without the bun,with cheese and bacon. Lunch out and about. Nothing fancy, but did the trick!


In my mind, the most awesommest breakfast ever. Fresh raspberries, fresh cream and peanut butter! Kept me going for a while too, very filling!

There you have it, a few of my meals. I know, pretty similar to what I always have, but hey, that’s how it is! :)

Have a great evening everyone!

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Aug 312013

Hi all!

First of all, admitting to be the worst blogger in the world. Sorry about that, I’ve had a million things going on and simply had to prioritize some of them more than others. So, what have I been up to?
Well, mainly fixing and doing up our new Kettlebell studio! It has been a lot of work but I’m very, very happy with how it has turned out and how well it’s going! :)


Moreover, I’ve started a new job, so I’ve been focusing on that as well. It’s going well so far. Me and my colleague go to the supermarket every Monday and get loads of food for the weeks lunches, and to make sure we have loads of healthy snacks when the peckishness set in. A great way to ensure that you make good choices! Here’s a few of my recent office meals and snacks.


A creamy turkey salad with curry, onion, coriander and cream cheese! Super tasty!


Fresh berries and cream. My addiction, I love it.


Above: Some pics from the kettlebell studio. I’m so incredibly happy with it, it’s exactly how I want it to be; a bit rough, with motivational words written on the walls, and kettlebells everywhere! You really don’t need much in order to get a good, functional workout!


And in addition to all this I’ve been trying to maintain a normal life with social events, traveling and some quality time with my close ones. :)


Donating food and helping out at the AAA Dog shelter in Marsa. This is where we got Penny from, and we still go there quite a lot to donate food and walk the dogs.




A good old selfie. :)


Working out with my best training buddy.

Alright. I’ve got a chicken in the oven that’s almost done, that I will try to make into a nice salad (a roast dinner is just too hot right now in Malta), then some serious couch time coming up! I’ll be posting a lot more from now on. Promise. :)

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Jul 032013

20130703-111237.jpgEspecially cold water prawns from the north of Europe, since that is what I’m used to from home. Not always easy to find, but Lidl always has them so I tend to buy quite a few bags whenever I’m there.

I use them to make the typically Swedish Skagen mix or a really nice prawn salad with dill, chives and eggs.

The past few days I’ve eaten a big bag of prawns, of course not in one go, but for breakfast and lunches over 3 days.

Perfect lunch when made into a salad, with some boiled eggs and mayo, or just in an avocado with some cottage cheese like I had this morning.

I looove big prawns like tiger prawns as well, but I feel kind of guilty eating them since it is a shame how they are produced and how bad it is for the environment. But every so often we have them at home. Nobody’s perfect right? :)


Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

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Jun 222013

You can really tell summer is here now. The coconut oil in the cup board is completely liquid! If I’m not mistaken coconut fat goes liquid at around 24 degrees. This means that I’m gonna have to keep my coconut oil in the fridge until sometime in September/October then! :)


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Jun 222013

The other day I had invited the people that come for my kettlebell classes regularly for a talk; A basic presentation around health, food and fitness.

The reasons for this are, first of all, that I receive a lot of questions about both food and training, and I get the feeling that many are very misinformed. Secondly, because there are so many myths to bust about both food and training and if you believe in and follow them you will not get the desired results from your training. So, all in all, a little myth busting session and giving them the basic knowledge of why we should eat what and what we should avoid.

I had decided this should take not more than an hour, for the very basics. The problem is that there is SOOOO much to say, and I found it very hard to decide what to focus on. I could talk for hours and hours and what to eat, what not to eat, why it is this way, the history of humans and food, butter vs. margarine, gluten, recipes, tips and tricks and so many more things, but I had to limit myself to the most important things to get out there. And since most of the listeners had little or no knowledge, more than what media had told us the last 20 years, I decided to stick to the fundamentals.



So the topics that I really tried to stress during this first session was; the concept of health and fitness, what it and isn’t, eating clean food with as little carbohydrates as possible, cooking things yourself, why fat is good for us, and the dangers of wheat and gluten. And also the topic closest to my heart: why you cannot eat anything just because you exercise! :)



But I felt that I could have talked for much longer, and there is so much so say and elaborate on. But I guess that will have to be another time. A little at a time. :)


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Jun 042013

Sorry for the absence, I’ve had a few very busy weeks and been abroad for a few days as well. Here’s a few of my breakfasts from the past two weeks! :)


Cumberland sausages and Irish ham (brought from Ireland that is, it’s lovely!)


Tomato paste, ham and cheese plate pizza. Put everything on a plate and stick in the microwave. Much nicer than it sounds :)


Soft boiled eggs with some smetana, sea salt and dill.


A smoothie made from peanut butter, raspberries, yoghurt and a bit of cream.


Full English minus the toast. Great weekend breakkie enjoyed on the terrace.


More cumberland sausages. This time with some sunny side up eggs. Very filling! :)

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May 262013

A bit of a personal post today, with a great lack of pictures. :)

As mentioned before I have a lot of personal experience with eating disorders, more than I would wish my worst enemy. But not only for myself, also other family members and friends that have suffered from either anorexia or bulimia, or both. And I know for a fact that a low carb, natural diet can help greatly for sufferers of eating disorders.

Personally I dealt with anorexia in my early teens, meaning I ate close to nothing and tried to exercise as much as possible. Counting calories was something I did a lot, and I made sure that if I ate (if someone made me, that is), it was something with the least possible amount of calories, and as little nutrition as possible. Basically, just eating as little as possible in all situations. And it worked for what I was trying to accomplish – getting as skinny as possible. I also became depressed, dizzy, froze all the time and made my family and friends lives miserable, but that didn’t bother me at the time. There was no worse feeling back then then the feeling of fullness.

Of course it becomes difficult after a while, but I remember that I’d rather not eat at all, than taking the risk of eating something, not being able to control myself and things escalating completely. And slowly but steadily this is exactly what I started doing. This is a very common path for people who suffer from eating disorders, to go from anorexia into bulimia in a very short time. From my own personal experience, I suffered so much more during my years with bulimia, than with anorexia, but for the outside world it’s the opposite, because it’s so much more obvious to them that you are sick when you are extremely underweight, but the stuff that goes on in your head when you are bulimic can be very disturbing and it literally makes you go nuts.

People around you think that you are ‘recovering’ because they see you eating again, and you’re usually putting on some weight and starting to look ‘normal’. Little do they know that your once so controlled eating has now gone completely out of hand, that you are binge eating and throwing up 20-30 times a day, that you are planning out every meal that you are ‘forced’ to eat around the availability of bathrooms, and that you are actually planning out binging sessions when you know you’ll be alone, where the only purpose is to eat as much as possible and then throw it up. As you can imagine, this takes up your entire world.

For me, the transition from anorectic to bulimic happened at some point when I was forced to eat, and realised that I could not control myself, I just ate even though my still anorexic mind really didn’t want to. This would of course happened if I ate for example sandwiches, but not eggs. I would eat way too much, and then get this bloated, full feeling that you get from eating too much carbs, and it’s still to this day one of the worst feelings in the world for me. I just want to throw up when I feel it, but of course I don’t anymore. And more importantly, I very rarely put myself in that situation where I feel that carb-fullness anymore.

But I would binge a lot, as I mentioned before, calculated, planned out binging, and then throwing up. Typical foods would be cake batter, sandwiches, bread, cookies, fries etc. Food that literally makes you sick and so full you feel sick.  I would never have dreamt on binging on meat, eggs or butter. But butter with sugar and flour, I could easily whip up to something ‘beingable’. The point is that you’re looking for that ‘kick’ from the sugar, and then to undo the action by throwing up. Obviously I didn’t understand what actually happens in the body when you eat sugar, and that’s why I actually believed that it could be undone. But it also gave me some sort of feeling of satisfaction, strangely enough.

So naturally, from doing this for quite a few years, you develop a very bad relationship with food, and before I figured things out (discovered LCHF), I thought it was me and food in general, but it is of course only certain types of food that leads to this type of behaviour. All types of carbs, but some more than others, can trigger this bad behaviour, but normal, natural low carb food won’t, simply because it can’t. It’s the sugar that opens the ‘gates to hell’ as I like to call it, makes me binge and makes me want to go back to this very destructive food relationship. I think it’s almost impossible to binge and get the same type of feelings on strict to normal LCHF food, at least I (and other people around me that have recovered from bulimia with LCHF) don’t, and nothing close to it. To be frank, I don’t see the pleasure in binging on for example eggs and butter, or steak and butter. Why? Because you get full from it, and there are no crazy hormones in play fooling you into eating more than you actually need, and it will teach your body and mind to stop eating when it’s full, without being forced to by your brain. In other words; your eating behaviour will be normalised.

And I am positive that ALL bulimics can benefit from cutting out the carbs from their diet, and hopefully finally get a normal relationship with food. Just like sugar addicts, there is that kick you get from binging that you need to get rid of. And you will start appreciating real food in a completely different way. And it won’t be your enemy anymore.

That’s my 5 cents on the topic: LCHF and Eating disorders.

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May 232013

A little snack tip for the coconut lovers out there: Toasted coconut flakes. Low in carbs and high in fat, just the way we like it! :)
I bought this bag from Holland an Barret in Valetta.

These are also very good in some yoghurt with berries, or as an ingredient in your homemade granola/muesli!


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May 132013

This is a constant battle for me. To interfere or not to interfere when people are talking about health, training and nutrition in my presence. Because to be honest, most of time people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and I would want nothing more than to enlighten them so that they no longer live by these myths that they have learned of and read about a loooong time ago.

But nutrition and food is a very delicate subject for a lot of people, and for some reason EVERYONE knows A LOT about it, WITHOUT having studied it at all, or having any sort of qualification in the field. They just know. Cause ‘everyone knows’ that multigrain and wholegrain is good. ‘Everyone’ knows that fat is bad for you. ‘Everyone’ knows that eggs increase your cholestrerol. And more importantly ‘everyone’ knows that cholesterol is a bad thing.

So yeah, it’s a delicate subject in the way that people are not very open to learning something new on the subject, and people get very easily offended if you claim that they are actually not that healthy in their vegetarian lifestyle (maybe the opposite?), or that the fact that they eat a lot of wholegrain bread actually causes their stomach problems, or the fact that they eat fruit in the afternoon gives them severe cravings for the rest of the day, etc etc etc. People really hate someone suggesting that they are the cause of their own health problems, and they hate realising this as well.

So, I rarely interfere these days when I hear people talking about food. I sort of wait until I’m asked something before I give my opinion, or I slightly hint something to open up a conversation. But it’s hard. It’s extremely hard when you hear things like this around the table. Yes, these are things that I have actually heard at the gym, at work etc, and have fought the urge to interfere.

- ” It’s better to eat pasta than meat. Apperantly meat takes like 4 hours to digest, and pasta 30 minutes.”

Not that this statement is true. But if the numbers were right (and if the body was an oven that just burns each item you put in it, and nothing else), to me it sounds much better to eat meat. I mean, you want to eat things that last longer and gives you energy for a longer time, rather than someting that ‘lasts’ for 30 minutes. But then again, these numbers and how it works in the body is of course very far from how it actually works.

- I don’t believe in carbs.

Said when debating whether a wrap was a healthy lunch option or not. This is like saying I don’t believe in blood. Or air. It just is the way it is. Carbohydrates are. And they are bad for you. Even though you like eating them.

– I don’t think it makes a difference what you eat, as long as you ‘exercise it off’.

This makes me cringe. This is for me the worst type of statement one can make. It’s the foundation of one of the biggest misconceoptions there are about exercise and nutrition, that the body is some sort of oven that just burns the energy you put in it, and does nothing else with it. Of course every single piece of something you put in your mouth is gonna affect you in some way, not just be ‘burned off’ in different speeds! So naturally, when I hear this, I have a big problem shutting up. :)

– I don’t belive it’s high in carbs. It has protein.

Again. It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s facts. Nutritional information about a food will tell you what it contains, regardless of what you believe. And yeah, something can have both protein and carbohydrates. And fat. At the same time.

- The best thing must be to just eat a little of everything. Everything in moderation.

I hate this one as well. It makes absolutely no sense to say this. What do you mean when you say everything? A bit of meat, fish, rice, some fish fingers, maybe some McDonald’s here and there? Or sand, petrol, rats? If I suggest sand or petrol most people would go: Don’t be ridiculos, I mean everything from FOOD of course! Well to be honest, the stuff that’s put in fish fingers, meatballs,margarine, sausages and other pre-made stuff that you buy in packets contain quite a lot of stuff that should not be considered FOOD. Not to mention stuff from for example McDonalds, chicken nuggest to mention one that it wouldn’t surprise me if it had both sand, rats and petrol in it.

And also, out of ‘everything’ you can find in the super market, most of it is not good to eat. Most of it will last on a shelf for more than 6 months, which to me is quite an obvious tell for the healthiness of the food. Most of it has travelled across half the world to get there. Also not good to eat of course. So no, we should definitely not eat ‘a bit of everything’.

Maybe if you just want to survive. But not if you want to be healty. That’s also just the way it is. You cannot chose whether it is like that or not. You can just chose how healthy you want to be.

– Ok, I buy that carbs are bad. But I couldn’t possibly eat more fat, like butter. That can’t be good.

Said while enjoying a bottle of Fanta with lunch. Butter?!! Made from milk from a cow?!! Noooo, that’s gonna kill me. Fanta – packed with sugar, additives of all sorts, coloring etc, yeah that’s probalbly not too bad. Nuff said. :)

Alright, enough ranting for today. I have a lot more quotes ‘in the bank’ that I’ll share with you some other day. Have a nice day!


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May 132013

Two breakfasts indulged this weekend. Turkey slices with a radish and carrot gratin I made for our BBQ on Saturday, and a classic lchf breakkie of fried eggs and sausages!
Good, filling and guilt free food, just the way I like it! :)



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