Nov 122012
Classic prawn dinner in our house.

So, back on the rock, and back in our own kitchen (with Penny the dog closely watching your every move when there is food out) we cooked what have become a bit of a classic in our house; Thai style marinated prawns with stir fried veg. I absolutely love it. Tasty, healthy and spicy! I [...]

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Oct 282012
Pies! Beautiful pies!

On Friday I made two different pies. Many of you would probably call it quiche instead of pie, and it really is a quiche. But in Sweden they are called pies so I go with that! Anyways I made one ham & cheese pie and one with pumpkin (butternut squash) and spinach. Both packed with [...]

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Oct 242012
Pasta recipe uploaded * try it!

I finally got around to uploading the pasta recipe that I tried last weekend with a super yummy bolognese! This recipe is all over the LCHF-web-community out there, especially on Swedish LCHF blogs, and many people like it a lot, so I felt I had to try it. I don’t miss pasta particularly. Even though [...]

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Oct 222012
My absolute favourite dish!!

Thai beef salad! Mmm, it’s simply divine! This is one of my absolute favourite things to eat, and it is a very fresh and nice LCHF friendly dish. It’s all in the dressing which is made from lime juice, fish sauce, soy sauce, chili, ginger and coriander, all my favourite flavours. I actually had a [...]

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Oct 122012
Evaluation: Carrot bread

If you are following this blog you know that I baked a carrot bread the other day. First of all I have to tell you; I’m really not a baker. Actually I suck at baking. I’m good a cooking food, if I can say that myself. I think it’s because I’m good with flavours and [...]

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Oct 082012
LCHF crisp bread recipe finally uploaded

So, after making a few different versions of this bread, I finally got around to write down the recipe. It’s based on a recipe my mum gave me, but with some small changes made. This is perfect to have in a box somewhere when you feel like a sandwich or a cracker. Just remember to [...]

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Sep 072012
The plan for today

I’m off today (took a vacation day) and it feels so nice! I started the day by taking a loong walk with Penny and a friend of mine, we went to Pembroke and back and worked out a bit on the terrace when we came back again. I’ve just had breakfast (boiled eggs on Finn [...]

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Sep 022012
LCHF Pizza always delivers

I had some friends over for wine on the terrace last night, and I wanted to make some nice snacks! I made some dips, ham and cheese that I crisped up in the oven, and this lovely LCHF pizza that I cut into small squares! The base is the same as this recipe but I [...]

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Aug 222012
The best chicken salad!

Great tip for when you want something tasty, healthy, filling and quick: Buy a whole grilled chicken from the deli counter! They are super tender and well marinated. Use in a salad like we did tonight, or eat as it is with a sauce or in an omelette for example. Recipe will come up in [...]

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Aug 202012
Thai beef salad!

I just have to recommend this recipe that we uploaded in the recipe section now: Amazing thai beef salad! It’s one of my absolute favourite dishes to make. It’s really crunchy and fresh, and the dressing is spicy and zingy at the same time, and you also get that really nice piece of meat with [...]

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